About Us


We started out in the Seattle area in 2009 providing pet transportation for disabled pets and seniors with pets to go to vet appointments and have since grown in depth, knowledge and client base.

  • TSA Known Shipper Status 2010 
  • TSA Cargo Approved for IAC
  • Class T Transporters with USDA (since 2011)
  • IPATA members (since 2012) 


We personally move your pet and accompany them through their journey.  

  • Private Ground Delivery
  • Pet Nanny - In Cabin
  • Pet Nanny - Accompanied Services  
  • Pet Nanny - International

Vip Moves


We offer an itemized menu of service for your pets move.  Whether you're budget or time-strained, we can help.  

Domestic Air/ Ground/ Booking Only / Door-to-Door (International or Domestic) 

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DONALD - Business Operations

First time horse ride at the 2017 IPATA Conference in Texas

REBECA - Management

I don't have a favorite pet. I like them all.  Passion for relocation!

STEPHANIE- International Desk

My cat.  Secretly she is Toothless the dragon.


If I could own 50 cats, I would!

MORGANA- International Delivery

Dog approved!

MIGUEL- Los Angeles Delivery

My fur babies are my family.

Site Content

TODD- Seattle, WA

Sorry, was this your bed?

LEAH - VIP USA Delivery

Cross county USA deliveries.  Love for all pets!

DEVON- Portland, OR Delivery

A lifetime of pet care experience and knowledge!

RON - Custom Crates

I'm an engineer who builds kennels to code.  

MELANIE: Las Vegas Delivery

I'm a writer, producer, speaker and pet lover.  Abby and Max are my kids!

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JOYCE - Hawaii Delivery

Clear quarantine and delivery.