Due to recent domestic USA airline carrier policy changes, so many breeds are unable to travel 

by air since April 2018.  

Snub nose pets [Bulldog, Pug] & strong breeds [Pit-bull, Amer. Staff Terrier]

*****If your pet falls into this category, you may need our service*****





With this service we fly with your pet to their destination on the same flight.   If the pet is small enough we can take in cabin.

This allows continuity for your pet and communication from 1 person start to end.

Available domestic service and International.

Including home pick up from origin city and home drop off at destination.

We can also combine services with domestic pet nanny - to get to major airport and handle export requirements.  Then tender final journey as  international cargo.



  • All of our ground journeys are personalized and designed for one family's pet move at a time. We do not offer shared rides.
  • Our private ground delivery allows our handlers to bond with your pet, and provide the best personal, loving  care.
  • Our handlers stay with your pet in pet-friendly hotels, as you would.  Pets never sleep in the vehicle. They are with our handler constantly, as they would be with you, if you were transporting them.
  • We allow rest stops with your pet every 2-4 hrs and more often if your pet needs it.
  • Playing, treats, walks, petting and positive, personal interaction is a crucial focus of our service.
  • Frequent, photo and text updates are provided by our handlers to you and our team to ensure you feel at ease during the entire process!

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